Thank you for installing Tiki.

The entire Tiki Community would like to thank you and help you get introduced to Tiki.

How To Get Started

Tiki has more than 1000 features and settings.

This allows you to create both very simple and complex websites.

We understand that so many features might seem overwhelming at first. This is why we offer you two different ways to Get Started with Tiki.

Easy Setup using Profiles

Get Started using Profiles

Who Should Use This
  • You want to get started quickly
  • You don't feel like learning the Admin Panel right away
  • You want to quickly test out some of Tiki's Features

Collaborative Community (install profile now)
Setup to help subject experts and enthusiasts work together to build a Knowledge Base
  • Staging and Approval of Wiki Editing
  • Personal Member Spaces
  • Forums
  • Blogs

Personal Blog and Profile (install profile now)
Setup with many cool features to help you integrate the Social Web and establish a strong presence in the Blogosphere
  • Blog (Full set of blog related features)
  • Image Gallery
  • Calendar
  • Twitter Integration
  • Video Log

Company Intranet (install profile now)
Setup for a Corporate Intranet of a typical medium-sized business.
  • Company News Articles
  • Executive Blog
  • File Repository & Management
  • Collaborative Wiki

Small Organization Web Presence (install profile now)
Setup for a Web Presence of a typical small business or non-profit.
  • Company News & Updates
  • Highlight Company's Products and Services
  • File Gallery (great for Media Kit)
  • Contact Form

Manual Setup using Admin Panel

Get Started using Admin Panel

Who Should Use This
  • You are familiar with software Admin Panels
  • You enjoy exploring and playing with many options
  • You already know Tiki